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  • Address


    Kosmonavtov st.,28


    Simferopol region,

    R Crimea Russia

  • phone
  • 8 10 07 0652 312 360

    +7 978 71 06 876 Natasza

  • Skype ZORZ73

  • From our house

    - to the beach is near 800 m or 10 min walk.

    - to the centre (auto station,grocery market,ware market)is near 500 м or 7 min walk

  • From Nikolaevka

    -to Simferopol 40 km

    -to Sevastopol 50 km

    -to Bakhchisarai 30 km

    -to Evpatoria 40 km

    -to Yalta 100 km.

  • Nikolaevka is situated on the Western Black Sea coast of Crimea. phone +38 097 43 61 489

    What is sea? I think, that sea is happiness, which is identited with LOVE!
    If there is at least one metaphor capable to describe fully the LOVE, it’s a sea - tender, cosy, storming, indifferent, passionate. Just as love, it has a lot of the opposite qualities united by one concept - the SEA. It can feed and exhaust with thirst, break your body by stones and shake it gentle on waves. It is fought with,it’s poetized. How many secrets are concealed at its bottom! The sea is adored, is idolised by all fibers of human’s soul. Some insuperable force calls you to see, to plunge, to cool feet at midday sun! It seems, love to sea is character for people, as one of insuperable instincts.

    Nikolaevka is situated in very cosy and beautiful place between Sevastopol and Evpatoria, at 40 km distance from Simferopol. The wonderful beach covered by sand and pebble, is stretching for some kilometres along the sea. Sea bottom is gently sloping in this place and it’s very comfortable for familiy rest with children. And this fact plays a great role in your choice in favour of Nikolaevka. The settlement is build up so compactly along coast that its most distant points are in several minutes of slow walking to a beach.

    Nikolaevka is situated on the border of the sea and steppes, and the air is saturated both sea salts, and aromas of grasses: even in the hottest day it is neither overdried, nor very moist. Anyone can breath easily and pleasantly here, especially when the l ight breeze blows from the sea! The children enjoy their rest in this place. Beaches are in area long, sandy, with a flat bottom and transparent water.

    A vacation in Nikolaevka is not only sunburn and infinite bathings. It includes also different entertainments: water attractions, pools, scooters, bananas and hydroairplanes, Luna-park. Fans of night entertainments hardly would be bored in Nikolaevka. There’s a variety of entertainments, including bars, restaurants, discos. In the evening the sea front of Nikolaevkayields to no one of large resorts of Crimea, and lower price here.

    If it is necessary to find inexpensive, comfortable accommodation, Nikolaevka becomes an optimum choice. As is easy to see, there are not many economical resorts in Crimea. Inexpensive recreation will be in several resort settlements (lossless of quality. The infrastructure for family rest is well developed in Nikolaevka. The range of the prices gives the best fit for the majority tourists, guided by budgetary rest. The main criteria of Nikolaevka holidays put in the capacious formula: “Crimea, rest, cheaply”. A lot of tourists prefer a vacation in Nikolaevka because of the low produce prices. The prices for fruit, drinks, restaurants, services and entertainments are essentially differ from the prices of Southern coast in favour of Nikolaevka. Nikolaevka - a splendid place for family rest.

    You can buy cheap vegetables and fruits, the well-known Crimean wine, and to get various excursions in any corners of Crimea also in Nikolaevka

    Remoteness from highways, from city vanity, the rural silence, a non-polluting zone and tender sea, soft climate (like in Evpatoriya), all these criteries make the rest in Nikolaevka especially pleasant.

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